City of the Stewards, Bridge to the North, Green Gateway

Located at the ancient northern border of Azandica, Windholme is a major trade hub nestled between the fertile land of the interior, the rich forests to the north, the frontier towns and the shipping lanes of Praeda Bay.

The natives call themselves “winders”. The term is regionally know but is sometimes used in a derogatory way; “ders.”

  • Demographics
    • Large Citystate
    • Population
      • 30,000 Large City
    • Prosperous – Farming, Lumber, Trade. Much of the trade from the more wild north comes through the city. Large farms both family run and merchant cabal run.
  • Economy
    • Extensive trade
      • Grain from the rich farmland to the south and east of the city.
      • Lumber yards and mining camps from the mountains.
  • History
    • Ancient City of the Azandic Empire. Long ago during the Wild Wars, Windholme was the final border before the heart of the empire.
    • The Stand of Kvlor
      • The armies of the Wild, led by Vindole Tahn himself, pressed in after defeating the Imperial forces to the north. Only the Verdant Guard of Windholme supported by Manticore Snipers was left to hold back the forces until the main armies of the Emperor could arrive. Misinformation had them expecting an invading force to the west. The Guard, against all odds, held the bridge. For 7 days and nights they held the bridge. As the sun rose on the 8th day, the guard reduced to almost nothing, Kvlor took up his spear and stood alone on the span against the 4 lieutenants of Tahn. The battle raged for what seemed like hours. Slaying 2 and wounding the 3rd, Kvolr at last fell to the mauls of the Wild. But he had held. And it was enough. The Imperial armies and cadres had arrived.
        After the battle, the emperor himself raised the guard as an Imperial Company. The Verdant Blade was born in death, triumph and victory. The emperor commissioned the great statue known as The Stand… Kvlor and his brilliant lance, forever standing on the Span of Windholme, guarding the Empire from the Wild. The Verdant Blade has remained an active company for the past 1000 years serving the Azandic Empire and then with its collapse as the elite force/guards of the Lord or Lady of Windholme.


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