Headshots and Razorblades


After a much needed night of rest and a small delay waiting for Hawke to reappear, our companions set out for the fortress of the bugbear and goblin clan. Reidoth’s directions proved accurate and they found an ancient fort in disrepair. Skirting the castle and sticking to the woods, Hawke noticed an opening on one side of the building. The group infiltrated the fortress ruins and after almost getting sliced by razorblades, they eliminated two hobgoblin guards. Bursting into King Grol’s chambers, furious battle erupted. After valiant teamwork and fierce hacking, slashing and grabbing Grol and his wolf were defeated. Maps were collected, a doppelgänger working for the Redguards was interrogated (and left unconscious) and the door was swiftly sealed up. Our companions hurried from the castle, at Clove’s urgings, following the maps to the Heart of the Fall.

As the sun just begins to move near the tops of the trees our companions (somewhat) stealthily slip away through the brush. Upon consulting the map, you quickly head off in a northwest direction toward the mountain foothills, with Clove’s assurances that she will explain everything once you rest at camp; “We really must press on quickly. We have tarried far too long.”
The late afternoon sun gives way to a cooler evening as the sun sets below the western mountains. Finding a small clearing among ancient pines, you begin to set up camp among the sparse undergrowth.

As a traveler’s stew bubbles over the coals, Clove settles onto a stump near the low fire with a single folded piece of parchment, the map, under her arm. “It seems that circumstances are worse than we originally expected. Kryinn forces…very specific Kryinn forces, are also after the Heart of the Fall and they are beating us to it. We must, and I cannot stress this enough, must not let them acquire what lies in the Heart.”

“What I am about to tell you is of absolute secrecy.” (she looks at each one of you as she says this, deadly serious and oblivious to the ridiculous overuse of that phrase)

“I am part of an organization that fights for the people of Azandica and all of Aydonaar. We combat the oppressive and imperial invasion of the Kryinn and are committed to defending the common people from any threat to their families and well-being. Several months ago, word reached us that the Diiv* were searching for something of great power. That ancient scrolls has suddenly come alive and held a powerful secret. A week after we first heard this rumor, one of our scholars saw a light deep within our archives. Buried under ancient tomes one scroll had begun to emanate a strange light. It took several days to decipher the script, written in ancient Azandic and in a lost tongue, there was a prophecy.”

She pauses and looks up at the group. "We still do not know what it means, but what we do know is that it tells of a key and a lock that must never be opened. It is our guess, my guess, that the Diiv is trying to locate the components of this key. Their presence here, especially since they are of the Fel sect who you must have seen had the run in with the goblins, confirms that they also assume that the Heart of the Fall must contain an aspect or part of the “Key.” It after all, must have functioned as a gate or a well itself…" Clove starts to mumble in academic deductions, momentarily lost in thought…

Shaking her head, she continues once again in a businesslike tone, “Suffice it to say that we cannot allow whatever the Heart contains to fall into the hands of the Kryinn. Caedur is a…” she pauses, “…contact of ours. He promised that he would find and hire the right individuals for the job. So far you have saved my life and absolutely proven yourselves. I ask that you assist us in this matter and we will be very grateful. Failure could be disastrous.”

“As for these Redguards we have run across, I do not know anything of them but it is a Diiv practice to hire local groups to do their dirty work. It seems this ‘Glassstaff’ is attempting to play all sides.” With that Clove leans back with her hands on her knees looking across the coals at the group.

*Mac you would recognize this as the elite black ops of the Kryinn Empire. They are a rumor, a shadow, the ones that enlisted soldiers only heard stories of. They do not officially exist.

Loot from last session:
(not sure if you guys took all of this)

- 3 spears
- 2 longswords
- 1 morningstar
- 1 battle axe

- Thick leather weightlifter’s style belt

- 60gp 60ep 200sp (15gp 15ep 50sp per person)
*Electrum is used fairly regularly in the bustling markets of Windholme. The further from the dwarven mines and territory that one travels the rarer electrum becomes(ie Westward).

- bundle of maps and correspondence – in Clove’s possession

- Quarterstaff – Made of an unknown material. It looks and feels similar to petrified wood but is exceedingly light (1lb). There are feathers and vines inlaid all along its length. Very resilient and does not flex. You do not sense any magical essence coming from the staff.

- 2 long curved daggers with small holes drilled in the spine designed to distribute poison along the blade with a flick of the wrist. The long daggers can each hold 2 uses of poison. One of these has a small residue of basic poison* left in it (1 use).
*1d6 piercing Finesse,light
*Requires proficiency with shortswords
*Basic poison: A creature hit by the poisoned weapon or ammunition must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or take 1d4 poison damage. Once applied, the poison retains potency for 1 minute before drying.


Hand of Ulan
This curved battle axe seems to be covered with a dark slick substance that eventually fades from the blade. It seems to absorb the life force of your defeated enemies.
Ancient elven clerics once used holy vessels to store the vitality of dying souls in order to strengthen those who were fighting great illness. This ancient process was once perverted for use in vicious weapons of war. It is said that a lieutenant of Vindol Tahn used weapons such as these during the Wild Wars.

+1 Weapon: Battleaxe – 1d8 slashing – Versatile (1d10)
Enhancement bonus: Attack and Damage Rolls
Power: When a killing blow is struck by the weapon, the number of hit points equal to the damage dealt is absorbed into the axe. The first time you would take damage, you gain temporary hit points equal to the amount of hit points stored in the weapon before you take the damage (no action required). After combat the vitality stored in the axe steadily fades away. (Every hour after the encounter, the number of hit points stored in the axe is halved.)



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