Hawke - Reidoth Interaction

Hawke examined the ring in his hands. Quickly, he looked around the camp to determine whether anyone else in the camp had woken up to begin their journey. Noticing that they had not, he turned his attention across the clearing to where the druid had made his camp. He saw that the druid seemed to be awake and moving about, so he decided to see if the druid would have any insight into what he had found. Hawke quietly crept across the clearing.

“Excuse me, good sir. During our… scuffle with that dreadful necromancer, Hawke found this ring. Hawke can tell that it holds some value, but he was unable to determine what significance it might hold. Hawke was hoping that he could impress upon such a kind protector of these woods to use his grand wisdom to help figure out for what use Hawke could put this ring!” Hawke extended the ring, which he had taken out of the box, toward the druid.


  • ‘Roll me a perception check’

As Hawke quietly moved away from where his companions had camped, stepping over a snoring dwarf on the way, he felt more than noticed that a heavy mist lay upon the forest. His every step was muted, almost lost within the dense presence of the wood. A good omen; his goddess Leira’s touch was always felt more strongly when enveloped in mist, if nothing else it was the illusion of her presence. Looking across the clearing Hawke could make out an opening in the trunk of a massive tree that he had not seen before. He could just catch a glimpse of a small desk and washbasin inside. Strange that he would have missed that before.


Reidoth, seated on a stump, his deft fingers rewrapping the leather strips on a broken dagger handle, turned his head at Hawke’s nearly inaudible approach. At the mention of the ‘scuffle’ he snorted with what could either be amusement or distaste, yet his dark eyes narrowed as Hawke’s finished speaking. After a pause, during which Hawke couldn’t tell whether his eyes were focused on him or the ring, Reidoth’s hand reached out and Hawke dropped the heavy silver band into his palm.

“Your obsequiousness is flirting closely with city-sycophantism my dear priest.” He calmly says as he begins to roll the ring around in his palm. Hawke can just make out a wry grin at the corner of his mouth. “It has been several years since I have seen one of these but I would recognize it’s pattern even without delving. Nonetheless, better to be absolutely sure.” With that he closes one palm over the other and begins to hum…or purr…Hawke cannot quite tell.

The sound goes on for half a minute and then all of a sudden Reidoth asks “So why do you bring this tome instead of to your companions? You know next to nothing of me and yet here you are…” Hawke suddenly notices that the hum/purr has not stopped. Yet the druid’s question was obviously spoken clearly and normally to Hawke in front of him.

“Forgive Hawke’s greetings. Things have worked very differently with powerful strangers he has encountered in the past. Deference, Hawke has found, goes a long way currying favor. Especially when my companions have… been less than delicate with the forest in which you live.” The humming continued, and Hawke could not tell if Redioth was placated by his response.

“My fellow adventurers have not filled Hawke with confidence in their ability to handle difficult situations, what with our recent skirmishes. In fact, Hawke believes that if an unknown arcane item were presented to my group, it would be destroyed or discarded. Hawke only found the ring because my companions were to focused on burning down the necromancer’s hut than finding and sort of item. Hawke may not know Reidoth very well, but Reidoth has not yet placed Hawke’s life in jeopardy. This leads Hawke to believe that Reidoth may be able to impart some helpful insight instead of charging at a nonthreatening banshee.”

Hawke paid close attention to the humming to attempt to discern from where it was emanating. He awaited Reidoth’s reply.

With a 14 perception check, Hawke would have seen exactly what you described when he left camp.

Hawke would notice that the humming/purring is coming from Reidoth’s throat. It can be inferred that it has something to do with his delving into the ring. He is somehow also conversing while making the noise/concentrating on the spell.

“Heh, ass-kissing is a bit different than polite deference, my young friend. It could save your hide to know the difference in the future. But no harm is done.
Rarely have I seen a nonthreatening banshee and that description could hardly be applied to Agatha, although she could sometimes be reasoned with…But as you say, there are times when a bit of thought can go a long way. So, let’s see what we have here shall we?”

With that, the humming cuts off and Reidoth’s hands open up. Holding up the ring toward Hawke between his calloused fingers he begins to explain, “I believe this is a Ring of Protection. I have seen several in my many years. They are imbued with strong defensive magic and once attuned to an individual, can grant them heightened defenses against many attacks. This is quite the find Hawke.”

Ring of Protection
Ring, rare (requires attunement)
You gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while wearing this ring.



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